Again, welcome to the To LOVE-ru Tail Scenes Wiki!

To love ru 1

Lala (middle), Momo (left) and Nana (right) sit close to each other with their tails visible.

This Wiki's dedication can easily be gathered from its name. If you are one of the many fans who have been drawn into the amazing tail-stimulation scenes of To LOVE-ru, this Wiki is for you. Here you will find every scene in the To LOVE-ru series that includes Lala, Momo and/or Nana taking part in sexual experiences via their tails.

As asked on the previous page, please do not edit this Wiki, as you'll see most of its pages are "protected" to administrator-only editing (you can still use "View Source" for reference, found on top of the page where "Edit" would normally be). Either way, feel free to browse all of this Wiki.

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